Which are the best percussion massagers for athletes?

Which are the best percussion massagers for athletes?

Percussion massagers have received a lot of attention lately on the media. Instagram is full of them right now. You can see people using these devices at gyms. Therapists also use them to help with some issues. So, if you consider yourself an athlete, you should be looking at them too.

Manufacturers claim percussion massagers can be used to relieve post-workout pain. Deep impacts increase blood flow and oxygenation. Some athletes also like to use them as part of their warm-up routine. Either way, the benefits are alluring. So which are the best percussion massagers for athletes?

What should an athlete look for in a percussion massager?

Athletes have different needs. Nothing like the average joe or weekend warriors. When getting a percussion massager, athletes should focus on these characteristics:


The main difference between a percussion massager and a regular one is the pulse strength. If the device is weak, then the effect will be too shallow to be effective. A percussion massager should feel like that, strong. Otherwise, it might not be worth it.


Think about it for a minute. Where is most likely that you will use your massager? Probably at the gym, after or before a workout session. You need a device easy to carry around. One that will not take up extra space in your gym bag. Most manufacturers produce small models, so this might not be a problem.

Also, outlets might be an issue. They can be hard to find sometimes. Luckily, most of the devices available in the market support batteries. This comes pretty handily when traveling or moving around. A full charge can last for several sessions without any hassle.


Athletes must rely on their workout equipment. A percussion massager is not much different. You do not want a device that fails often. Also, you do not want it to fail when it is most needed. This applies to battery life too. The massager battery must last enough for the whole session.

Beware of low-quality knock-offs. These tend to be unreliable, cheap, and weak. It is not worth risking time or money on a knock-off. Get your products from reliable sources. You can try reputable websites or stores.

Which one do you recommend?

As in everything, there is not a single answer to all. Finding the best percussion massagers for athletes is not a matter of just picking one. Many products cover the three aspects we consider relevant. Each of them is within their price range. Go to your favorite online marketplace and lookup for reputable brands like Hyperice, Theragun, or TimTam. Find their products and evaluate them.

When searching, keep in mind these three characteristics. They are what any athlete needs. They will help you pick a more suitable product. But do not forget to take into account your current situation and personal necessities. That is the only way you might be able to find a worthy product.

Disclaimer: This information does not constitute medical or professional advice. Please talk to a professional first.